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How can you save money on all the high cost necessities having a baby will bring?

Babies Do Not Have to Cost a Bundle

Everyone tells you babies are expensive. Normally however, that fact does not sink in until someone has a baby of their own and realizes how fast the costs add up. In fact, the expenses start at birth and can keep going until the child finishes college -- and beyond.

Coupons and voucher codes that you can find online are a great way to save money on all your baby needs, including diapers and food. You can find formula coupons including Similac coupons and Enfamil coupons online as well as Gerber coupons and other baby food coupons to use when your baby gets a little bit older. Looking for free printable grocery coupons is a great way to save money while you give your baby the best that money can buy.

Once you have your baby well-fed at a price you can afford, it will be time to start thinking about ordering photo prints of all those pictures that you take with your digital camera. There are online sites that will let you store pictures for free and order only the ones you want. With Snapfish coupons that can be found online you can order your pictures for pennies on the dollar, saving yourself money for some of the more important things in life.

Do you have to limit yourself to the Sunday paper to find great deals on groceries?

Don't Limit Yourself to the Sunday Paper for Coupons

Bargain hunters and coupon gurus alike love the Sunday paper for the packets of coupons that can be found to help save a lot of money on the daily shopping needs. However, it is not necessarily to limit yourself to newspaper offerings when the fact is that there are thousands of voucher codes available online that can help save the shopper additional money.

The best place to find these voucher codes is at, where you will find savings at hundreds of different stores where you can shop for your groceries and food item needs. Here you will find printable grocery coupons that you can take with you to save money on your entire grocery bill. There are even voucher codes that will save you 10% or up to $40 on any online order you might place. Some specific coupons include Gorton's Seafood, Coca-Cola, and Omaha Steaks. You can also find online coupons to stores like Vons and Safeway, not to mention a variety of other smaller shopping venues.

Do websites offer coupons for grocery products?

Finding Grocery Coupons Online

Online grocery coupons are not necessarily difficult to find. It is a good idea to search for coupons online, especially for products which you use frequently. You can start your search by looking on the website for the manufacturers of your favorite products. If you adore the Swiffer Duster, go to the main Swiffer web page and look for an offer for coupons. Oftentimes, inputting the word "coupon" or "discount" in the search box of a company's website will direct you to a link which gives you an option to print up a coupon from the computer or to have a coupon sent to you in the mail. In some cases, you will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire or to join a mailing list, but this is usually worth it if you are requesting a coupon from a company which you buy products from on a regular basis. Just don't join a mailing list for a company which you hardly ever buy products from because the potential barrage of advertising you could receive may not be worth the coupon for a few cents off a product.

Are free product coupons hard to come by?

Free Product Coupons

Coupons become less of a money-saver when they compel shoppers to purchase costly products which they probably would not have otherwise purchased. On the other hand, coupons which offer a product at absolutely no charge are a great way to not only try a new product, but to try it without spending a dime. Free food coupons are not as easy to come by as other coupons, but they do exist. Manufacturers distribute these coupons in an attempt to get the word out about a particular product and to get people to try it out. Many times companies will offer coupons not only for food products, but for other products as well. It is common to see a free product coupon for something which will eventually need a refill, such as a plug-in air freshener or a razor. This is a great way for consumers to try a new product without the fear of wasting money on something which they may not like. The hope of the manufacturer, however, is that consumers will love the product and continue to buy it while also telling their friends about how much they love the product.

How can I maximize the value of coupons?

Maximize Coupons

Free grocery coupons are readily available through many sources, so why not take advantage of them and save a chunk of money on your next grocery bill? Manufacturer coupons are great, but when they are combined with store sales, rebates and store membership discount cards they are even better. The most ideal savings situation when it comes to coupon usage, however, is when coupons are doubled or even tripled by the grocery store. Many stores will have special Double Coupon Days or Triple Coupon Days where they will automatically double or triple the face value of a coupon. That means that 50 cents off detergent becomes $1 off detergent on Double Coupon Day or $1.50 off detergent on Triple Coupon Day. It is certainly worth it to check with the grocery store you frequent and see if they offer these promotional days, and if they do not then perhaps a chat with the store manager will encourage them to consider it.

How should coupons be organized?

Organize your Coupons

Clipping coupons diligently with the best of intentions will not save money if the coupons are then scattered into a chaotic pile and never used. The best thing to do when clipping coupons is to keep them neatly sorted in some form of a filing system. Many shoppers choose to utilize a grocery coupon organizer, which can be likened to a miniature version of an accordion file. The coupons can be sorted any way the shopper finds most accessible. For example, some people may prefer to sort coupons according to the type of food the coupon is for: cereal coupons in one pouch, bread coupons in another, and so on. Other people may sort their coupons in order of brand: Betty Crocker coupons in one slot, Kraft in another and so forth. Whatever the preferred system, the important thing is to get the coupons into an organized manner which allows quick and easy access so the shopper has no problems using all those money-saving coupons.

Can I find grocery coupons online?

Printable Grocery Store Coupons

Free printable grocery store coupons are available many different places online. Consumers can find these coupons not only on coupon websites, but also on manufacturers' websites and grocery store websites, as well. In fact, it's likely that there is a coupon available for just about every brand-name product out there. A great place to start the search for printable coupons is on the manufacturer's website, but be sure to take note of the printable coupon acceptance policy of the grocery store where you shop because some stores are no longer accepting coupons which are printed off a home computer. Many stores are wary of fake coupons, and some have stopped accepting anything which looks as though it may have been created by a person instead of by a valid manufacturer. If your favorite grocery store accepts coupons which were printed off your home computer, however, be sure to take some time to search out coupons online for the products you buy the most.


Printable Coupons and Coupons Codes for April 21, and Freebies

Freebies, Free Samples, Free Stuff

Free Samples

Printable $2 off coupon on Aveeno products

Printable $1.50 off coupon on Kashi GoLean Waffles

Printable $1 off coupon on Ester C product

Printable $2.50 off coupon on Pepcid AC product

Printable $1 off coupon on Nestle Drumsticks Lil Drum Ice Cream Products

Printable $3 off coupon on The Good Life Recipe Pet Food Product

Printable $3 off coupon on two Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner refills

Printable $1 off coupon on Nature's Bounty product

Printable $1 off coupon on Hershey's Bliss Candy

Printable $3 off coupon on Fiber Choice

Printable $3 off coupon on any Sally Hansen Natural Beauty product

Printable coupon for Buy 1 2 liter of Sierra Mist Get 1 - 2 liter Sierra Mist Ruby Splash FREE

(Rebate) Try Reynolds Wrap Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum FREE w/ mail-in rebate (up to $3.99)

Printable $1 off coupon on Muir Glen product

Printable $2 off coupon on V8 V-Fusion Product

Wendy's: Printable $1 off coupon on Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo

Printable Buy 1 Get 1 FREE coupon on Pedigree Plus Canned Dog Food

Printable $1 off coupon on Baked Kettle Chips

Do coupons actually save money?

Coupons Save Money

You don't have to be an extreme couponer to save money by using coupons. Anyone can knock a sizeable amount of money off their grocery bill and other shopping purchases by learning how to use coupons effectively. As long as you know where to find the coupons, how to organize them and how to get the biggest bang for your buck, you will see that the effort makes the time worth your while.

Find the Sources

Coupons are readily available from a huge range of sources. There are some places, however, that do a lot of the work for you, so you don't have to go hunting all over for coupons from different suppliers. Lozo is an excellent site to register for, and it allows you to search for grocery coupons from all of the sources that put coupons in newspapers in one place. You can also print two coupons for each item at this one site, so that saves you from having to go back through all of the coupons to find the exact ones you want.

Sign up at multiple different sources, including Coupon Mom, Coupons, Smart Source, Red Plum and Grocery Coupon Network. Places like Grocery Coupon Network often have coupons that are exclusive to certain stores.

By learning what is available in your area, you may be able to take advantage of better deals at more than one store. Don't go shopping at multiple different stores just to save money on a single item. It's only worth your while if you can do your shopping at a store that offers better savings.

Other retail stores also offer coupon discounts, and if you regularly shop for clothing at a certain store, sign up to be on their e-mail list. Doing so will alert you to sales before the public finds out. You may also be entitled to additional discounts that are exclusive to e-mail subscribers. Sites like CouponCraze also separate coupons according to expiration date. It also has coupons from online stores and physical stores.

Organize Printed Coupons

If you organize your coupons so that they're always easy to find, you'll be more likely to use them. Everyone needs to create their own organizing system, but extreme couponers often use small 5 x 7 three-ring binders. Staples sells special sheet protectors that have slots for coupons, and they come in packages of ten. These sheet protectors are designed to fit into a 5 x 7 notebook.

Organize your coupons according to category -- and arrange them in the same order as that of your grocery store aisles. Also make a point of putting the coupons that expire soonest where they are visible.

Before doing your weekly grocery shopping trip, go to the store's website to find out what is on sale, and what the week's best deals are. Then you can make your grocery list and separate the coupons you intend to use for that trip. When shopping with coupons, you will get the best savings by using coupons on sale merchandise, and by purchasing products in smaller sizes, whenever available.

Compare prices on the shelf so you see what the unit price is for different products. You may be surprised to find that more often than not, you get a better deal by buying a smaller size and using a coupon.

The key to really saving money with coupons is having a well organized coupon filing system, and planning ahead whenever you're going shopping. Before each shopping trip, go through your coupons to remove any that have expired. Do this regularly so your file isn't cluttered with coupons you can't use.

Also, make a point of finding out when and if you can combine coupons, or if your store has a policy for doubling coupons. Some stores will allow you to combine a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon but not combine other coupons. The more money you save, the more satisfied you'll feel. You may even decide to challenge yourself to beat your previous savings on the next shopping trip.


Printable $2 off coupon when you buy 2 Nabisco Crackers AND 2 Kraft Cheese products

Printable $2 off coupon when you buy 2 Nabisco Crackers AND 2 Kraft Cheese products

Save money when you purchase two Nabisco Crackers and Kraft cheese products.

Do grocery stores offer coupons tailor-made for shoppers?

Store-Generated Coupons

The next time make a purchase at your local grocery store, be sure to take a look at the receipt. Many grocery stores have started adding computer-generated coupons to the back of the receipts, or in some cases a coupon is printed in addition to the receipt. In most cases, the computer generates a coupon which is conducive to the things you buy. For example, a shopper purchasing diapers may receive a coupon for baby food, or a shopper buying deli meat may receive a coupon for sliced cheese. This is becoming a more common practice for many major grocery chains. SuperTarget hands a coupon to every shopper along with their receipt and Kroger coupons are regular fare for shoppers when they check out. Computer-generated grocery store coupons are great because not only do shoppers not need to clip them out of the newspaper, but the coupons are also selected according to the shopper's buying habits.

Where can I find grocery coupons that I can print out on my printer

Where to Find Printable Grocery Coupons

If you are a grocery coupon enthusiast, you are always on the lookout for more grocery coupons! Wouldn't it be convenient if you could print grocery coupons online for free? Good news, you can! A quick search for "printable grocery coupons" will turn up an abundance of sites offering free printable grocery store coupons. Before you warm up your printer, there are a couple of caveats. First, check with your favorite local grocery store. Because of past incidents of fraud, some stores do not accept grocery coupons that have been printed from the Internet. Also, some Internet sites offering free coupons will require that you register with their site, providing them with your email address and other contact information, which you may or may not feel comfortable providing.


Printable Grocery Coupons

Printable coupons are convient because you print only the coupons you want or need, thereby reducing clutter. Why clip coupons from the Sunday paper and then have to store them when you can just print the coupons you want from your printer and not have a stack of unused coupons sitting around?

Printable coupons are quick and easy to print, plus more and more retailers are accepting printed coupons.

Here are the most recent printable coupons for grocery items:

Printable $2 off coupon when you buy 2 Nabisco Crackers AND 2 Kraft Cheese products

Printable $1.25 off coupon on Progresso Broth product

Printable $2 off coupon on Bertolli Oven Bake Meals

Printable $1 off 3 Hershey's Snack Size Candies coupon

Printable $1 off coupon on Wish-Bone Bountifuls

Printable Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Coupon for O'Charley's Dressings

Printable $1 off coupon on Nature's Bounty products

Printable coupon for $1 off 5 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Product

Printable $1 off coupon on Nestle Candy

Printable $1 off coupon on Any Soy-Free Rice® Product

Printable Blue Bunny Ice Cream product coupons

Printable $1 off 2 coupon on Easy Mac products

Printable $1.50 off Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips coupon

Printable $1 off coupon on Bertolli Pasta Sauce in a Pouch

Printable $1.50 off 3 Lean Cuisine Entree's coupon

How can I find coupons for items I always buy?

How to Use the Internet to Get Grocery Coupons For Your Favorite Products

One great way to receive manufacturer's grocery coupons that you will actually use is by visiting manufacturer's websites. Try www."manufacturer's name".com, or type the manufacturer's name into your search engine. Search the site for printable coupons. If you do not find any, visit the manufacturer's contact page. Send them an email telling them why you are faithful to their product, ask if they can send you any cents-off coupons and be sure to include your contact information. Most manufacturers love to keep their loyal customers happy. They will gladly send you coupons and even free samples!

do Wal-mart stores accept manufacturers' coupons?

Wal-mart Stores and Coupons

According to a store representative, all Wal-mart stores do accept manufacturers' coupons at face value (no doubling or tripling coupons). Another Wal-mart related money saving tip: Wal-mart grocery stores (i.e. Super Wal-mart or Neighborhood Market Store) will match local grocers' ads. So watch those ads, bring in those coupons, and prepare to save money!

Can I use coupons printed online at the grocery store?

Things to Know Before You Print Online Grocery Coupons

Many websites now offer printable cents-off grocery store coupons. Some are free; others charge a fee for their service. Before you spend a lot of time and/or money printing coupons for grocery store items, check with your local grocer's customer service desk. Because computers and printers can create counterfeit coupons and cashiers cannot tell the difference, many grocery stores no longer accept manufacturer's coupons that are downloaded and printed from the Internet.

How can I tell if a work from home coupon clipping job is a scam?

Work-from-Home Coupon-Clipping Job

You are considering clipping grocery store coupons to earn extra money from home, but you want to know if it is a legitimate work-from-home job. Following are tell-tale signs that, according to the FTC, the job is probably a scam:
1. Promises of huge amounts of money to be earned with little time or investment.
2. No-risk guarantees
3. Pressure for you to act fast before time runs out

Questions to ask include:
1. What is the total cost?
2. What does this cost include?
3. What is your refund policy?
4. How will I be paid?
And, perhaps most important:
5. Can I get that all in writing?

Good luck, be aware, and stay safe!

How can I make sure I get my rebate, and what if I don't?

How to Ensure You Will Get Your Rebate, and What To Do If You Don't.

A rebate deal is only a deal if you get the rebate, right? Some steps you can take to make sure you do receive that rebate check:
1. Follow the rebate instructions exactly.
2. Enclose all required documents, which may include original (not copies of) receipts, original UPC codes, and original rebate forms.
3. Make copies of anything you are mailing. Mark the date sent on the copies.
4. Make sure you address the envelope correctly. Most rebate documents go to a clearinghouse, not the manufacturer's address.
If you do not receive your rebate within 12 weeks:
1. Contact the company. Let them know you have copies of your documentation if they should need it.
2. If you still do not receive your rebate, file a complaint with the FTC, Attorney General, and Better Business Bureau.

Should I buy a coupon certificate book?

The Downside of Purchasing Coupon Certificate Books

You may have seen offers stating you can buy a coupon certificate booklet for anywhere from $20 to $50. The great deal offered is that each certificate in the booklet (usually between 20 to 50 certificates) is good for $10 worth of grocery coupons with no expiration date. The old adage rings true here: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. To redeem the promised $500 worth of manufacturer's coupons, you might have to pay over $100 for postage and processing fees. When the coupons arrive, you are likely to find stacks of duplicate coupons on items you might never buy. Your best bet is to clip coupons from the Sunday paper yourself, and ask friends and neighbors to share extras.

Is it legal to sell coupons?

Selling Grocery Coupons

According to the Federal Trade Commission, there is only one way to legally use grocery or other manufacturer's coupons: clip the coupon and use it at the grocery store or other business toward the purchase of its designated product or service. While some people get around this legality by selling their time for finding, clipping, and mailing grocery and other manufacturer's coupons, it is frowned upon by the manufacturers who distribute these coupons. Most are marked "non-transferable", meaning that even if they are given away they should be considered void.

How do I stretch my money to get the most at CVS?

CVS Stores and Coupons

If you have a CVS nearby, you can use the store for more than just filling prescriptions. Besides the typical healthcare related items, many stores are becoming bigger and bigger, offering more grocery-related items as well. There are several different ways to save money on all these items, and that is not just by shopping sales.

First off, get an ExtraCare card. This is their loyalty shopping card. It offers both savings and rewards. Many sale prices are only available if you have an ExtraCare card. So, that $5 box of cereal is $3.50 with your card, no coupon required. In addition to instant savings, the card rewards you with ExtraBucks. These are like cash for future purchases, just do not use them for your next prescription, as that option is banned. A recent deal involving ExtraBucks involved purchasing $30 worth of Proctor & Gamble products, like Charmin, Cascade, Tide, or Bounty, and getting $10 back in ExtraBucks. ExtraBucks also comes with quarterly cash back. For every two prescriptions you fill, CVS gives you $1 in ExtraBucks. They also add up your purchases and then give you 2% back, again in ExtraBucks.

In addition to lower prices and cash back, the ExtraCare card will generate store coupons for you. Visit the ExtraCare Coupon Center in the store and scan your card. The scanner has an attached printer for printing coupons (or any pending ExtraBucks). Be sure to scan the card multiple times as it doesn’t always print all your coupons with one scan. Don’t be afraid to scan three times, if not four. Coupons and ExtraBucks will also print out at the register at the bottom of your receipt. Be sure to check your receipt for unexpected coupons before throwing them out.

ExtraBucks are not just generated from making specific purchases. If you register your card on their web site ( ), you can also get special coupons from there. Just signing up gets you a $4 off coupon for a $20 purchase. (The $20 amount is on the full price of the item, not the price after getting instant savings with the ExtraCare card.) Registering an email with the online account will then get even more coupons emailed to you. Lately, they have been sending out 20% or 25% off coupons, almost weekly. Unfortunately, those discount coupons only work on items not on sale. Another thing you can register for is their Beauty Club. Once you sign up, for every $50 you spend on beauty-related products, you earn a $5 ExtraBucks coupon for a later purchase. That total is cumulative, meaning the $50 can be spread across multiple purchases, as long as you present your card each time. Finally, one should also mention their ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes program. If you suffer from diabetes, or are the caregiver of someone who does, you can get double rewards on certain products.

Yet another way of earning ExtraBucks is by going green. If you frequently bring your own bags, get a Greenbagtag for $1 and present it with your ExtraCare card with each purchase. For every four times you use the tag, $1 in ExtraBucks gets printed, for a later purchase. It is like saving an extra quarter on every purchase. That doesn’t sound like much, but it will add up over time.

ExtraBucks Rewards and store coupons from the coupon center have been mentioned, but it is important to focus on coupon usage as a whole to get the most savings at CVS. That basically means combining store coupons with manufacturer coupons. By combining all options available to you, you will save the most money. One can just say read their coupon policy ( ), but it is best to spell out how to save.

First off, it is important to mention that you can combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons. You can combine both with getting ExtraBucks back, if there is a weekly or monthly deal in place, too. Here’s a common deal that you can take advantage of. Imagine a $5 tube of toothpaste on sale for $3.50 where you get $2 back in ExtraBucks. Typically, there will be a limit of two times you can get the ExtraBucks back. That means what originally started as $10 for two tubes, has a sale price of $7 for two tubes, with $4 back in ExtraBucks for a future purchase, or essentially $3 for two tubes. Now comes the coupons. It is not uncommon to have $1 coupons be available for toothpaste, at least for Crest and Colgate. That brings the price down to $1 for two tubes. This might sound like a much better price than $10 for two tubes, but you can do better. Scanning your ExtraCare card at the in store coupon machine may print out a coupon for $1 off two tubes. Thus, getting the overall price down to $0 or free. Even without that last coupon, it is not uncommon to get toothpaste for free by combining just the sale price, ExtraBucks, and manufacturer’s coupons. You should set a goal of never paying for toothpaste again. It is a very realistic goal.

The next important policy to mention is buy one, get one (BOGO) free sales and coupons. If an item is on sale where you buy one and get the other item for free, there are two ways where you can get both items for free. Both of these ways are not uncommon. The simplest to explain is if you have a buy one, get one free coupon. Using this coupon with a BOGO sale means both items are free, one from the manufacturer and one from CVS. The other way to get both items free is to have a coupon that covers half the cost of each item. So if shampoo has a price of $2.00 and is buy one, get one free, you can use two $1 coupons to get both items for free. Even if you do not have coupons to cover the full cost of both items, you can still get both items for drastically reduced prices by remembering to use one manufacturer’s coupon for each item purchased.

Overage is an important topic to mention, too. This is when the value of a coupon covers more than the cost of an item. Unfortunately, you cannot use the overage on other items. Store policy is to reduce the amount of the coupon to the price of the item. Also, you will not get cash back if the total value of all the coupons exceeds the value of the transaction. Grab a candy bar and reward yourself if that ever happens. An overage can happen when using store coupons or ExtraBucks as part of the transaction, in addition to sales and manufacturer coupons.

For all purchases, it is important to mention that state law determines how much sales tax is paid. It could be on the full purchase price or the after coupon price. Try out the purchase and you’ll quickly learn how your state handles the situation.

Getting your coupons can be a chore, as is organizing them, but taking the time to do it right will save you the most money. First off, do not throw away those Sunday coupon circulars after you make a single pass through them for what you typically buy. You may not realize you can get free razors or air freshener until you notice a sale with ExtraBucks available, but the deal will only work if you had cut out the coupons. Thus, if you can, save the coupon circulars until the last coupon in each expires. Secondly, be sure to check out the Internet as a source of coupons. CVS will accept any valid at-home printed coupon that contains a bar code. Many of the great sources for Internet coupons are related to the coupon circulars ( and ), but there are also places like that probably has the most coupons available. Be sure to check manufacturer sites for coupons, too. For instance, for Betty Crocker product coupons, you can visit to see what they have available. You need to check at least monthly, as offerings change frequently, and the better coupons run out quickly. Typically, coupons are only allowed to be printed so many times, so if you think you may use a coupon, print it out as soon as you see it available.

Is that all there is to couponing at CVS? Certainly not. However, it is enough to get you going in the right direction. If it sounds like too much, instead of doing all the research and coupon planning yourself, find someone online who has already done it. Then, follow their lead. Typically, they will even have links to where to get the coupons, if they are available online. There are many mommy blogs that highlight the weekly CVS sales and coupon match with the sale items. Make a game of it and see how much you can get each week with $5 or $10, where you can take the ExtraBucks earned from the first purchase and then use them to buy more items that generate more ExtraBucks, and so on, and so on. Sometimes, you may even have to buy an item for free that you do not need or want, in order to get an item you do want for less.

How can you save money with the cost of groceries on the rise?

Grocery Shopping Does Not Have to be Expensive

With the economy today and the rising price of milk, eggs, bread and other general grocery items, everybody is looking for a way to save a dollar at the grocery store. There are other ways to save money on groceries besides clipping coupons from the Sunday paper -- you just have to know where to look.

The World Wide Web is a great source of information, coupons and voucher codes to help you save money on just about anything in life that you would shop for, including groceries. Many stores allow you to shop online using exclusive coupons like free food coupons. Some even offer free printable grocery coupons that you can take into your local store. There are even some grocery stores where you can go online, fill out a shopping list, print it off, take it with you and save 10% on your groceries, simply because you used the website.

It really is easy to save money on groceries using the Internet and all of the resources it provides. Just do a search for "free grocery coupons" in Google or Yahoo and see what choices are out there.

How can I get the best deals with my coupons?

Maximize Your Coupon Savings by Reading Sales Flyers

In order to maximize your grocery coupons savings, start by organizing your manufacturer's coupons. Once you have a file system set up, go through all of your local grocery store weekly ad inserts. Look for coupons that match the ad specials. Shop on double or triple coupon days. You might have to go to several stores. For example, one store might have cereal on sale for $2 and you have a coupon for 50 cents off, which they will double. The cereal will only cost $1! Another store might have pasta on sale and you have a matching coupon, and a third may have a great ad/coupon detergent deal. As long as you make a list of what you need from each store and stick to it, your manufacturer's coupons and store flyer matching can save you loads of money!

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