Maximize Your Coupon Savings by Reading Sales Flyers

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How can I get the best deals with my coupons?

Maximize Your Coupon Savings by Reading Sales Flyers

In order to maximize your grocery coupons savings, start by organizing your manufacturer's coupons. Once you have a file system set up, go through all of your local grocery store weekly ad inserts. Look for coupons that match the ad specials. Shop on double or triple coupon days. You might have to go to several stores. For example, one store might have cereal on sale for $2 and you have a coupon for 50 cents off, which they will double. The cereal will only cost $1! Another store might have pasta on sale and you have a matching coupon, and a third may have a great ad/coupon detergent deal. As long as you make a list of what you need from each store and stick to it, your manufacturer's coupons and store flyer matching can save you loads of money!



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