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I can never find a coupon for my favorite product. How can I still receive a discount?

Manufacturer's Coupons

Would you like to receive coupons for your favorite products, but can't find them in your Sunday paper's coupon book? Try calling the manufacturer's 800 number. When you call to discuss a product, not only are they happy to send out samples and coupons, but they also will put you on the mailing list for future discounts.

What are some ways to save without coupons?

Visit the Rebate Center

If you're planning a visit to a home improvement or electronics store but don't have any coupons, visit the store's online or in-store rebate center. Many home improvement stores offer rebates for big purchases. If you're planning on redoing the bathroom, a trip to Home Depot is probably part of your plan. But, bathroom sinks can get expensive. Find out about in-store rebates. Your savings might not be instant but when you fill out and send in a Home Depot coupon for a rebate, some or all of your purchase price will be rebated back to you.

Where is the best place to find grocery coupons

Newspaper coupon books

Smart shoppers know the Sunday paper yields a wealth of savings! Tucked in between the funny pages and the sales flyers is a coupon book offering savings on your favorite groceries, pharmacy items, books, and medical services including eye exams and speciality services. On a good week, you may even find more than one cooupon book, sometimes two or three! Make sure you note the expiration dates on the coupons.


Finding Time for Coupons

Many people are interested in saving money, they just don't want to take the time to clip coupons from the weekly coupon book. Instead of thinking of coupon clipping as a chore, think of it as money. For instance, instead of viewing a coupon for one dollar off a box of cereal as something to be clipped, look at is as one dollar. Your outlook is sure to change!

What is a coupon swap.

Coupon Swapping

Do you have a coupon for Allposters that you have no use for? Are you in need of a Home Depot coupon? Relax. There are ways to get what you're looking for and eliminate the clutter of what you don't need. Join an online coupon swapping club! Coupon swappers will not only offer trades, but they're savvy shoppers who are happy to share the tricks of the trade. There are many online forums available for coupon swaps. You can trade those coupons you won't use for the ones you'd like. Everyone wins!

Why should I get a supermarket discount card?

Extra Savings

In addition to using a coupon, make sure you apply for your supermarket's discount card. Members get additional savings at the cash register, but you have to have a supermarket card to reap the rewards. Smart shoppers have been known to save up to $20 at a time thanks to supermarket discount cards.

Where can I find couponing tips?

Coupon Tips

Consumer and coupon Web sites offer something besides coupon codes. Visitors to these sites can learn tips and tricks about making the most of their shoppig experience. To find tips for couponing, rebating and saving money on the sales, type "coupon tips" into your favorite search engine.

How can I maximize my coupon savings?

On-Air Opportunities

Sometimes, the biggest bargains are broadcast straight from your television set. If you're a home shopper, take advantage of extra savings with a HSN coupon. But before you cash in your savings, visit some of the community forums at the various couponing Web sites first. Couponers know how to get the best bargain for their buck and will give you ideas for maximizing your savings.

Where can I find coupons offline?

Where Can I Find Coupons Offline?

Don't only look online for bargains. One of the best places to find savings is in your lcoal newspaper. For instance, you can easily find a Macy's coupon or Toys R Us coupon the week before a major in store sales event.

What is a shopping blog?

Shopping Blogs

Couponers and bargain shoppers now have an outlet! Shopping blogs are becoming more popular. Bargain hunters love bragging about their savings and now you can read all about them.

The best part about shopping blogs is that you get to learn some great tips about taking advantages of coupons, rebates and sales.

Does the Sunday paper only offer grocery coupons?


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Where do I start?

Where to Start as a Coupon Clipping Newbie

For newbie grocery coupon clippers wondering where to start:
*Start with a filing system. For a newbie the coupon organizers they sell at the grocery store work well(as you become more familiar with couponing you can develop an organizing system).
*Start clipping! Look for grocery coupons in the newspaper, in magazines, on product packaging, and online.
*Know the bottom line. The store brand of an item may cost less than a name brand, even with a grocery coupon.
*Don't be afraid to try a new brand. If you can get a deep discount on a brand of spaghetti sauce or dish soap you don't normally buy, try it once. You might find a new favorite!
*Don't get overwhelmed. With time comes experience! You'll be less of a newbie and more of a coupon queen (or king!) before you know it.

What is Stacking

Stack your coupons!

Did you know you can use more than one coupon at the same online retailer? This practice is called stacking. If you receive a coupon code for free shipping and find another coupon code for discounted merchandise, you may be able to use both at the same time for an extra bargain.

What are Price Comparison Websites?

Price Comparison Web sites

Before you use that coupon, do a little comparison shopping first. If you're in need for a new piece of art on your blank white walls, you might try on an online art store and search for coupons. It's possible you find the same item online for less money elsewhere and you can enhance your savings with an allposters coupon. Price comparison search engines are easy to use. Simply type the desired item into the search engine and within seconds you'll have a listing of vendors that carry the item and how much they charge. In some cases, the difference can be substantial.

What is Price Matching

What is price matching?

If there is a coupon or sale only good at a particular retailer and that retailer is not convenient to you, try bringing it to your favorite store anyway. Many retailers practice price matching and will honor a coupon or sales item from a competing store.

What is a rain check

Take a Rain Check

Every shopper knows this story: After months of scouting out the perfect set of throw pillows for your brand new sofa, they appear in the new fall line from Calvin Klein Home or the Donna Karen Collection. And they are expensive! So you decide to wait - everything goes on sale eventually. And, if you hold out at least until next week, you can search the newspaper ads for in-store coupons.

Armed with your coupon in hand, it's finally time to purchase those throw pillows. You walk right into Macy's, go directly to the home goods department and find that the pillows you've waited for are now sold out. Don't worry! Take your Macy's coupon straight to the store manager and have him/her write up a rain check. A rain check allows you to use sale or coupon savings after they have expired.

How can I receive coupons through the mail?

Snail Mail coupons

If you're interested in having store coupons and flyers mailed to you, contact the retailer. Most will be happy to put you on their mailing list, and you can expect to receive savings cards, notices on upcoming sales and coupons to use in-store and online.

Do I really need a shopping list?

Don't Shop Without a List!

Whether you're shopping for holiday bargains or doing the weekly grocery shopping, never shop without a list. If you stick to purchasing only the items on your list, you're sure to save money since you're less likely to shop impulsively.

Try to match up each item on your list with a sales item or coupon for extra savings.

How can I take advantage of the post holiday sales?

Post Holiday Savings

The few weeks after Christmas can be a savings bonanza! Merchants online and off need to clean out their merchandise to make way for the next year's stock. Check the stores often during the weeks following the holiday season and don't be afraid to dig through the clearance bins. If you have a Macy's coupon or Linens N Things coupon, use it in conjuction with these sales for extra savings.

Do coupons always save money?

Coupons aren't always necessary

Just because a grocery manufacturer sent you a free coupon doesn't mean you have to use it. Name brand products tend to cost more money. You may find the same product in a generic wrapper with a cost that's substantially less. In fact, you may not even need that coupon at all.

What are double and triple coupons?

What are double and triple coupons?

If your store offers double or triple coupon savings, you'd be very wise to take advantage of the bargains.

Double or triple coupon savings is when the grocery store deducts two or three times the face value of the coupon! In many instances you can get an item for pennies, or even free! Always keep a look out for double or triple coupons savings.

How Can I Save on Groceries?

Save on Groceries

Want to save on your groceries? Plan your families meals around sales items and use a coupon for even more savings. When you receive your supermarket's sales flyer, make your list up of items that are only in the flyer. After that, go through your coupon organizer and match as many items as possible. If you do this every week, you'll never pay full price again.

Can I find grocery store savings on the Internet?

Savings on the web

Coupons aren't only found in your newspaper coupon book. Try visiting manufacturer's Web sites. Many will offer a free coupon or coupon code, and some even offer free samples.

How can I fill my cart with only those items my family needs?

Shop the Perimeter

Your everyday staples such as meat, vegetables and dairy are located around the perimeter of the store. Since most people shop until their carts are full, try shopping the store's perimeter first. Fill your cart up with the necessities and then only walk the aisles for coupon or sales items. This will help to control impulse shopping.

When is the best time to use my coupon code for free shipping?

Holiday Savings

In the Internet age, many of us are used to shopping online, especially during the holidays. For big purchases from one retailer, or in situations where you buy multiple items from one site at a time, use your coupon code for free shipping during the holidays. Stack it with other offers or use for multiple items at the same store. By using it to buy several items at one time, you're maximizing the savings.
Make sure you read the fine print on the coupons, though. Some savings are allowed in conjunction with other coupons, but other coupons are strictly a one-time buy. Take note of your offerings, and calculate your savings so that you get the best bang for your buck.

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