Take a Rain Check

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What is a rain check

Take a Rain Check

Every shopper knows this story: After months of scouting out the perfect set of throw pillows for your brand new sofa, they appear in the new fall line from Calvin Klein Home or the Donna Karen Collection. And they are expensive! So you decide to wait - everything goes on sale eventually. And, if you hold out at least until next week, you can search the newspaper ads for in-store coupons.

Armed with your coupon in hand, it's finally time to purchase those throw pillows. You walk right into Macy's, go directly to the home goods department and find that the pillows you've waited for are now sold out. Don't worry! Take your Macy's coupon straight to the store manager and have him/her write up a rain check. A rain check allows you to use sale or coupon savings after they have expired.



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