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Where can you find online coupons that will save you a bundle when you are heading out to eat?

Use Online Coupon Codes to Save Money at All Your Favorite Restaurants

Eating out is great. Good food and there's no hassle of cooking or cleaning up. Single people, business men and women, couples on a date and families all take advantage of eating out at least occasionally, sometimes daily and on average once a week. If you added up what you spent eating outside of your home in one year you would probably be amazed by the final sum.

However, you don't have to spend all of your disposable income if you just plan appropriately. With all the fast food coupons and online coupon codes you can find you are easily able to save half of what you would have spent when you go out to eat. can help you find that perfect online coupon that you didn't even know existed whether you want to grab something in the drive-thru lane or relax and have someone wait on you.

The coupons include Chuck E Cheese coupons for the whole family, Dominos Pizza coupons for pizza night and even Olive Garden coupons for when you're craving a little Italian. So next time you are heading out to dinner, be sure you stop by first to see what they have to offer and save some money for an ice cream cone (which you also find a coupon for online).

Are there any websites where I can find discount certificates for restaurants?

If you are an avid restaurant diner, you may want to check out This website partners with local restaurants to offer discount prices on dining in your neighborhood. You purchase gift certificates online for a reduced rate – for example, $10 worth of gift certificates gets you $25 worth of gift certificates at the local restaurant – and then redeem them at the participating restaurant of your choice. Even better yet, you can easily find coupon codes by conducting a quick Internet search. Use these codes to get an even greater discount when you purchase the restaurant certificates. You can find coupon codes which get you as much as 50 or 60 percent off the cost off the certificate purchase.

Do Sunday newspapers ever feature restaurant coupons?

Sunday Newspaper Coupons

Many thrifty shoppers eagerly await the Sunday newspaper because it is usually jam-packed with coupon inserts for groceries and other merchandise. Even if you do not clip coupons for groceries, you should not toss the inserts aside without first perusing them for restaurant coupons. You can often find some really great restaurant coupons for places you may already enjoy visiting: Boston Market coupons, Papa John's coupons and Subway coupons. If you find a coupon for a restaurant you already frequent, that's great … but finding a coupon for a restaurant you have been thinking about trying is even better! With fantastic coupons such as buy-one get-one free and a free dessert with entrée purchase, there is no reason why you shouldn't take the time to sift through the Sunday coupon inserts in your local newspaper. Get your scissors ready and save some money!

When using a coupon at a restaurant, what are the guidelines for tipping?

A Note on Tipping and Coupons

Restaurant coupons are great. Oftentimes you can get a full meal for two for the price of one meal, or at least wind up with a nice discount on your meal. If you are using a coupon at a sit-down restaurant, you are served by staff members who are bringing you drinks, food, and whatever else you need at the same rate they would for other customers who are not using a coupon. In other words, just because you are receiving a great discount on the price of your meal, you should tip the waiter or waitress as though you had paid full price for the meal. If your meal costs $20 with a coupon, but would have been $40 without a coupon, then base the tip percentage on $40, not $20.

Do restaurants send coupons out in the mail?

Junk Mail or Money Saver?

Most people receive bundles of unsolicited mail throughout the week, but if you take the time to sift through it you may discover some great restaurant coupons tucked in alongside the ads for hearing aids and alarm systems. Restaurants often utilize direct mailings as a means to reach new customers, and sending coupons out is one of the best ways to lure in someone new. Companies such as Arby's, McDonald's and The Olive Garden all occasionally use coupons as a marketing tactic, and many times the coupons they offer are quite generous: buy-one get-one free, a free beverage and a certain amount of money off the bill are all common coupons. If you frequently eat out, then taking the time to examine the coupons offered in the mail can certainly save you a good amount of money in the long run.

What is the advantage to joining a restaurant's mailing list?

Restaurant Mailing Lists

The next time you eat at a restaurant, be sure to keep an eye out for a comment card. Restaurants always want feedback from patrons to know if they are doing a sufficient job, so often they will tuck a survey into your bill or leave a postage-paid postcard on the table for you to fill out. By taking a moment to fill out one of these surveys, you may be pleasantly surprised to find a letter in your mailbox in a few weeks from the corporate office of the restaurant, thanking you for taking the time to fill out a survey. Better still, oftentimes the company will encourage you to return to the restaurant by also sending gift certificates or discount coupons along with the letter. If you do not see a comment card at the restaurant you frequent, you may want to visit the restaurant's website and look for a spot to add your name to their mailing list. Be sure to also sign up if the restaurant's website has a Birthday Club, because this will probably result in a nice coupon being sent to you in your birthday month. Restaurants try to appeal to their loyal customers, and there is no reason why you shouldn't save some money in the process.

Where can I find restaurant coupons?

Online Restaurant Coupons

Before heading out to a restaurant, you should make a quick check of the Internet to see if there are any printable coupons available. Even local restaurants acknowledge the power of Internet marketing, and therefore you can find restaurant coupons for many different kinds of eateries. For example, you can find Black Angus restaurant coupons right alongside coupons for a local family-owned restaurant. You can either go to the restaurant's website to search for coupons, or instead you might want to try simply inputting the name of the restaurant into a search engine and see if any printable coupons are available. Larger cities have coupon websites specific to the region, and this is a great way to find printable coupons for the smaller restaurants in your town. Just be sure to present the coupon to your server before you order to make sure the restaurant will honor the discount.

Are restaurant coupon books worth the cost when purchased?

Restaurant Coupon Books

Restaurant coupon books are sometimes sold by restaurants or instead by groups for fundraising purposes, but oftentimes the books are handed out as a marketing tactic. The books will either have a bunch of coupons for one restaurant, or instead feature coupons from several different restaurants. If you happen to receive one of these in the mail, be sure to take a look at the offerings inside because you can sometimes find great deals from places you already frequent. If you are approached to purchase one, however, take a close look to make sure that the coupon book is full of coupons you will actually use before they expire. Buying a restaurant coupon book at a reasonable price can wind up saving you money if you do actually use the coupons, but never purchase one without first examining it to make sure it's worth the cost. You might wind up wasting money on useless coupons that you never use.

Is it possible to save money when you want to or have to eat out?

Save On Your Next Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

When it comes to eating dinner, sometimes it is just easier to eat out or grab something on the run than it is to cook at home. When that is the case however, you may find yourself spending more than you originally intended to spin. With just a few minutes of planning, however, you can save yourself money, even if going out was not in your original plans. How, you ask?

There are coupons codes online for just about every day-to-day need. This includes fast food coupons, restaurant coupons and even Starbucks coupons! After all, who wouldn't love a really good cup of coffee at a very low price?

Spending just a few minutes on the weekend doing online searches for coupons can help you save money on all your favorite restaurants. More specifically, you can find Burger King coupons, McDonald's coupons, Papa John's Pizza coupons and even coupons to bigger-sit down restaurants like Olive Garden. All you have to do is print them all out, put them in an envelope inside your purse or wallet and they will be at hand when you need them most ... at the very last minute!

Start getting prepared today for anything that may happen and make it a little easier to justify that late-night run to the drive thru.

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