Sunday Newspaper Coupons

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Do Sunday newspapers ever feature restaurant coupons?

Sunday Newspaper Coupons

Many thrifty shoppers eagerly await the Sunday newspaper because it is usually jam-packed with coupon inserts for groceries and other merchandise. Even if you do not clip coupons for groceries, you should not toss the inserts aside without first perusing them for restaurant coupons. You can often find some really great restaurant coupons for places you may already enjoy visiting: Boston Market coupons, Papa John's coupons and Subway coupons. If you find a coupon for a restaurant you already frequent, that's great … but finding a coupon for a restaurant you have been thinking about trying is even better! With fantastic coupons such as buy-one get-one free and a free dessert with entrée purchase, there is no reason why you shouldn't take the time to sift through the Sunday coupon inserts in your local newspaper. Get your scissors ready and save some money!



2/18/2008 10:36:57 PM
stanley said:

Nice article about offers and coupons since I often visit subway it would be great. If I could get subway coupons which I can exchange for my favorite subs.


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