Junk Mail or Money Saver?

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Do restaurants send coupons out in the mail?

Junk Mail or Money Saver?

Most people receive bundles of unsolicited mail throughout the week, but if you take the time to sift through it you may discover some great restaurant coupons tucked in alongside the ads for hearing aids and alarm systems. Restaurants often utilize direct mailings as a means to reach new customers, and sending coupons out is one of the best ways to lure in someone new. Companies such as Arby's, McDonald's and The Olive Garden all occasionally use coupons as a marketing tactic, and many times the coupons they offer are quite generous: buy-one get-one free, a free beverage and a certain amount of money off the bill are all common coupons. If you frequently eat out, then taking the time to examine the coupons offered in the mail can certainly save you a good amount of money in the long run.



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