Organize your Coupons

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How should coupons be organized?

Organize your Coupons

Clipping coupons diligently with the best of intentions will not save money if the coupons are then scattered into a chaotic pile and never used. The best thing to do when clipping coupons is to keep them neatly sorted in some form of a filing system. Many shoppers choose to utilize a grocery coupon organizer, which can be likened to a miniature version of an accordion file. The coupons can be sorted any way the shopper finds most accessible. For example, some people may prefer to sort coupons according to the type of food the coupon is for: cereal coupons in one pouch, bread coupons in another, and so on. Other people may sort their coupons in order of brand: Betty Crocker coupons in one slot, Kraft in another and so forth. Whatever the preferred system, the important thing is to get the coupons into an organized manner which allows quick and easy access so the shopper has no problems using all those money-saving coupons.



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