Work-from-Home Coupon-Clipping Job

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How can I tell if a work from home coupon clipping job is a scam?

Work-from-Home Coupon-Clipping Job

You are considering clipping grocery store coupons to earn extra money from home, but you want to know if it is a legitimate work-from-home job. Following are tell-tale signs that, according to the FTC, the job is probably a scam:
1. Promises of huge amounts of money to be earned with little time or investment.
2. No-risk guarantees
3. Pressure for you to act fast before time runs out

Questions to ask include:
1. What is the total cost?
2. What does this cost include?
3. What is your refund policy?
4. How will I be paid?
And, perhaps most important:
5. Can I get that all in writing?

Good luck, be aware, and stay safe!



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