How to Ensure You Will Get Your Rebate, and What To Do If You Don't.

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How can I make sure I get my rebate, and what if I don't?

How to Ensure You Will Get Your Rebate, and What To Do If You Don't.

A rebate deal is only a deal if you get the rebate, right? Some steps you can take to make sure you do receive that rebate check:
1. Follow the rebate instructions exactly.
2. Enclose all required documents, which may include original (not copies of) receipts, original UPC codes, and original rebate forms.
3. Make copies of anything you are mailing. Mark the date sent on the copies.
4. Make sure you address the envelope correctly. Most rebate documents go to a clearinghouse, not the manufacturer's address.
If you do not receive your rebate within 12 weeks:
1. Contact the company. Let them know you have copies of your documentation if they should need it.
2. If you still do not receive your rebate, file a complaint with the FTC, Attorney General, and Better Business Bureau.



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