Store-Generated Coupons

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Do grocery stores offer coupons tailor-made for shoppers?

Store-Generated Coupons

The next time make a purchase at your local grocery store, be sure to take a look at the receipt. Many grocery stores have started adding computer-generated coupons to the back of the receipts, or in some cases a coupon is printed in addition to the receipt. In most cases, the computer generates a coupon which is conducive to the things you buy. For example, a shopper purchasing diapers may receive a coupon for baby food, or a shopper buying deli meat may receive a coupon for sliced cheese. This is becoming a more common practice for many major grocery chains. SuperTarget hands a coupon to every shopper along with their receipt and Kroger coupons are regular fare for shoppers when they check out. Computer-generated grocery store coupons are great because not only do shoppers not need to clip them out of the newspaper, but the coupons are also selected according to the shopper's buying habits.



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