Maximize Coupons

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How can I maximize the value of coupons?

Maximize Coupons

Free grocery coupons are readily available through many sources, so why not take advantage of them and save a chunk of money on your next grocery bill? Manufacturer coupons are great, but when they are combined with store sales, rebates and store membership discount cards they are even better. The most ideal savings situation when it comes to coupon usage, however, is when coupons are doubled or even tripled by the grocery store. Many stores will have special Double Coupon Days or Triple Coupon Days where they will automatically double or triple the face value of a coupon. That means that 50 cents off detergent becomes $1 off detergent on Double Coupon Day or $1.50 off detergent on Triple Coupon Day. It is certainly worth it to check with the grocery store you frequent and see if they offer these promotional days, and if they do not then perhaps a chat with the store manager will encourage them to consider it.



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