Auto Purchase Coupons

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Can you use a coupon when purchasing a car?

Auto Purchase Coupons

You can buy just about anything online with a coupon, and a car is no exception. Some car dealerships offer Internet-only deals, which means they advertise the car online and have the lowest price available listed. Dealerships will often offer instant rebates or substantial savings for Internet customers.

If buying a car online is not for you, then rest assured that there are auto purchase coupons in other places, too. Many dealerships will utilize direct mail marketing tactics, which include sending coupons for generous discounts or other perks when purchasing a car.

Other dealerships use advertising space in local newspapers to print coupons, which promise a certain discount or a doubling of the potential customer's down payment. It may seem odd to clip a coupon for a discount on such a big purchase, but if it saves you money then perhaps it isn't so odd after all. Just be sure that the coupon results in actual savings; don't let the dealer talk you out of further negotiations simply because they accept the coupon.



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