School Coupons

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How can I save money on educational costs?

School Coupons

You clip coupons for milk and bread, but can you clip a coupon for schooling? Once in a great while, various schools will indeed send out coupons in an attempt to attract new students. Coupons for instructional schools - such as martial arts training or sports training - are relatively common and will usually offer a free week of instruction or a free uniform. Preschools will occasionally use direct mailings to send coupons to prospective students, sometimes including a coupon to waive the registration fee or for a free week at the school. Community colleges will send out discount coupons once in a while, offering a discount on tuition, dining or other fees. It is a good idea to check with a school before you enroll, whether it's to learn karate or to earn a degree, and inquire as to whether they have any coupons in local publications.



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