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What if I can't find a coupon or discount code for my travel expenses?

Just Ask for Coupons

Are you having trouble finding a coupon or discount for the travel expenses you are facing for an upcoming trip? Even though discount codes and travel coupons are easily found in newspapers, magazines and online, they may not be the exact ones you are looking for. If you know that you will be traveling on a specific airline or using a specific rental car company but can't find a coupon, you may want to try simply calling the company and asking them if they have any special deals. You might want to also inquire about where they advertise coupons so you can get your hands on one. If all else fails, when you check in at the airport or the rental car company, simply ask for an upgrade. It doesn't hurt to ask, and you never know when they may grant your request. You might wind up with a nice upgrade without having to pay for it simply because it is available and you asked at the right time.



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