Theme Park Discounts

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How can I save money on theme park admissions?

Theme Park Discounts

A trip to a theme park can be expensive. The admission prices are high, the food within the park is steeply priced and you may want to park your frugal sense at the door when entering one of the theme park's souvenir shops. Luckily, there are ways to save money on theme parks. Most major theme parks will sporadically advertise special discounts and coupons, many times in conjunction with another merchant. For example, some theme parks will team up with a beverage company to offer a certain number of dollars off admission if you bring a can of their soda to the theme park. You may also want to see if any organizations you belong to feature affiliation discounts. AAA will often feature nice discounts to theme parks, and military personnel can get discounts from admission prices when they purchase the tickets beforehand. Since theme parks can be expensive entertainment, it is worth it to research coupons before buying your ticket.



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