Introductory Discounts

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Will I save money by using a home furnishings store credit card?

Introductory Discounts

Most home furnishing stores have their own credit cards that they offer to customers. Although the credit cards for these stores generally have high interest rates compared to a regular credit card, they can come with nice perks. Your first purchase on a home furnishings store credit card is usually discounted and if you make a major purchase, even 10 percent off the price will save you quite a bit of money.

The trick is to pay off the balance before any interest accrues on the account. Holding on to the card may be to your advantage, too, since retailers will offer periodic sales exclusively for cardholders and will often send coupons to cardholders in the mail. Just be sure that you do not carry a balance on the store credit card because of the higher interest rates. Using the card excessively will surely make any discounts you received not worth it overall.



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