Dealership Service Coupons

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How can I find auto service coupons for dealerships?

Dealership Service Coupons

Although having your car serviced at your local dealership may be a little more expensive than going to a franchised auto shop, many people prefer dealerships because of the service records they keep and their knowledge of warranty and product recall information. Since the services provided by the dealership are usually more costly, it is a good idea to find a coupon or discount for anything you need to have done, whether it is a simple oil change or a major repair.

Most service departments of dealerships periodically send coupons out through the mail to regular customers, and a few do use coupons in their advertising in the newspaper and other periodicals. You should check out your preferred dealer's website, as well, because sometimes dealerships will offer service specials on the Internet that aren't available anywhere else. When all else fails, simply call the dealership and ask them where you can get your hands on a service discount.



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