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What should I look out for when purchasing a discounted cell phone?

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Cell phone providers constantly offer coupons and discounts for their phones and services, but you need to be aware that the advertisements you see may not apply to you. In other words, if you have a current cell phone contract through a provider and you see a cell phone advertised at a great price, you may be surprised to find that the price you will pay will actually be higher unless you are willing to extend your current service contract. The cell phone companies advertise great deals in an attempt to attract the attention of new customers, who will consequently sign service contracts and become long-term customers. If you find a great deal advertised for a cell phone, you should first contact the provider and find out if there are additional requirements for the deal, such as a new service contract. Sometimes extending a service contract is not such a bad thing if it comes along with a fantastic deal on a great cell phone. Just remember that cell phone service contracts are legally binding, so if you cancel one early you will probably wind up paying a substantial early termination fee.



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