Affiliation Discounts

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How can I get monthly discounts on my phone service plan?

Affiliation Discounts

Getting a discount on the purchase of a cell phone or home telephone is great, but it's even better to receive an ongoing discount every month off the cost of phone service. Surprisingly, many phone service providers offer generous monthly discounts to customers who are members of certain organizations or employees of certain employers. For example, Sprint offers a 10 percent monthly discount off the cost of a cell phone service plan to active duty military personnel. Discounts are also offered to civilian federal employees, members of certain professional organizations and even through some insurers. To find out if you qualify for a monthly discount on phone service, call your provider and find out what affiliations merit monthly price reductions. Alternatively, you can contact your insurance company, credit union or any other organization you belong to and find out about any existing cooperative discount programs they participate in. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you are eligible for a monthly discount, simply based on an affiliation you already have.



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