Clothing Discounts

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When is the best time to find discounted clothing?

Clothing Discounts

The best time to buy clothes are right as the seasons are changing since clothing stores are frantically trying to move last season's clothing out of the store to make room for the next season's offerings. Because clothing stores often put the new clothes out much earlier than the actual change in seasons - there can be snow on the ground and the stores will have bikinis in the window – this is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on clothes for the remainder of the season and for next year, as well. Other opportune times for purchasing clothes at greatly discounted rates include back-to-school and the day after Christmas. Most clothing stores will accept coupons even if the merchandise you are purchasing is on sale, although many will not accept coupons on "red tagged" or clearance items. It certainly is a great feeling, however, to use a coupon in conjunction with a great sale and wind up saving a substantial amount of money off the purchase price. Just be sure to ask beforehand if you can utilize the coupon along with the sale.



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