Credit Approvals and Clothing Discounts

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Is it worth it to get a store credit card for the discounts?

Credit Approvals and Clothing Discounts

It is hard to walk through a clothing store without a salesperson walking up to you and offering a credit card application and the promise of a nice discount if the application is approved. This can be especially tempting when you are making a large purchase, and can be even more tempting when the store promises periodic special sales and discounts for cardholders. Before signing up for a card for the discounts, however, make sure that having the card will not wind up costing you more in the long run. Companies offer these discounts because they know that most customers are more likely to spend money at their stores if the customers have credit available. Will having a credit card at your favorite clothing store cause you to spend more money? If the answer is yes, you will probably be much better off not obtaining a credit card for the store and instead just looking for occasional sales and discounts.



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