Join Frequent Flyers

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Are frequent flyer clubs worth it?

Join Frequent Flyers

One of the very best ways to get coupons and discounts for travel is to join one of the many frequent flyer/frequent user clubs offered by airlines, rental car companies and hotels. There is usually no charge to join one of these clubs and you will find that once you get on one of these mailing lists your mailbox and e-mail will be frequently barraged with airline offers, car rental upgrade coupons and hotel discount coupons. Additionally, most of these types of programs allow users to build up points every time they use the service offered by the company. For example, some airline frequent flyer programs reward travelers within the club with upgrades and free flights once they have reached a certain usage level. Many companies also give special treatment to club members. Some rental car companies do not even require their members to check-in at the rental office; their cars are gassed up and waiting in the lot already. Joining one of these clubs not only results in discounts and upgrades, but in some cases preferential treatment.



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