Cutting down on spam

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How do I keep spam from online retailers out of my mailbox, but still receive special offers?

Cutting down on spam

If you want to receive discounts from your favorite apparel retailers, one of the best ways to do this is to sign up for promotions and discounts at the retailers Web site. Is a Foot Locker Coupon or Old Navy Coupon worth the extra email? It depends on how far you'll go for a bargain.

There are a few ways to eliminate spam when signing up for bargains. The first is to sign up for an Internet based free email account such as Yahoo or hotmail. This will free your home or professional email account from receiving advertisements and spam. The downside is that coupons and sales information can get lost in your spam filter, so you'll have to check regularly.

Your other option is to only sign up for promotional offers. Don't offer personal information and don't check off any boxes that allow your email address to be shared with other retailers.



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